Victims of Airboat (((NOISE))) United (VAN)

Support group to stop airboat noise and disturbances

VAN is an active coalition of airboat victims who are exercising their rights by cultivating an environment free of airboat noise.

  • Americans are affected with some hearing loss and that impairment can be at least partial attributed to damage from exposure to airboat noise.
  • Airboat noise can lead to sleep loss, psychological and physiological damage and disruption of normal living activities.
  • Airboat noise exposure can be linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disorders, learning deficits in children, stress and diminished quality of life.
  • Airboat noise is a constant source of torment that can negatively impact the health and welfare of humans and wildlife.
  • Inadequately controlled airboat noise presents a growing danger to the health and welfare of human and animal population in many states.

VAN will provide access to information and support that will emphasize airboat noise abatement and approaches and their techniques.

VAN aspires to entice county, state and local governments as well as The Federal Government to sponsor and pass laws that will afford All Citizens the quality of life that is free from the health hazards that are attributed to airboat noise.

Please click on  the about us page for documents that mandate the passage of laws that protect victims of airboat noise. Also see our link page for more information and legal information. 

Please help us in our fight.

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